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coho flies

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I'm just starting to tie up flies for this fall's coho fishing. Wondering what everybody ties (buys) as their must haves. I usually tie a selection of rolled muddlers (olive and regular), olive or black wooly buggers, red and white or green and white clousers with bead chain eyes and christmas trees. All in size 8 and 10.
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I like rolled muddlers, coho blues, mickey finns, x-mas trees, buggers (black and olive), egg-leeches, and on occasion, small GP variations. I tie most of my patterns fairly sparse as I find overdressed patterns do not work as well. Boy - do I hope that we have a good coho run in the Vedder and Chehalis. I heard that the Vedder run might be weak again - but we'll have to wait and see... :? . Good luck and PM me if you want tying instructions...
I forgot - most of my hook sizes range from 6 - 10, with 8 being the most versatile... :) . I do remember that sometimes coho will take ridiculously small patterns at times!
I like various bucktail patterns tied sparse, ranging from 6 -10..Coho Blues, Christmas Trees, Micky Finns, Muddlers in natural, olive, and gold. Of course olive and brown WB's.

Finder :wink:
i have found for me that those rolled muddlers do the trick

and the little Jack springs like them too :D

try tying some muddlers in green and pink colours too as those were working when the traditional ones werent last year for my dad and i

any way of getting a good deal on flies from ya Professori ? :D :D :D ha ha (im serious) haha


tight lines

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Juat wondering if any of you fly tyers would be interested in doing a fly swap with a coho theme. I've been doing fly swaps for trout flies with people in the states and it works great for getting a variety of flies. Anyways if anyone's interested let me know and I'll give you more info.
Bead Head
Beadehead - Sounds like a great idea. Why not post something here and on the sister site [url]http://flyfishbc.com/ and get it going?
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