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I little while ago I asked the forum some advice on how to catch the most elusive species of salmon (for me anyways) - the Coho. All of the advice was great i.e where the chum and springs are, the coho aint, or short floating with small presentations. ...however, I found that while I got a feel of how to specifically target coho, my success was non-existant, until I tried some quiet "frog" water in some close-by but out of the way areas.

Man they are fun!

But seriously now, this isn't just a pointless subject namely to toot my horn about repeated success in the last few weeks for nice silver ho's (although I really enjoy sharing my success with anyone who will listen), but to actaully thank all those who were willing to actually provide some great tips and advice. This forum has enabled me to realy appreciate fishing once again, not only as a sport/past-time, but as a way of thinking (getting really deep and introspective here, lol). I just hope that I can share knowledge with others to return the favor ( it really is empowering)

If only others could be swayed as I have, the world could really be a better place

Keep it up o wise salmon-sages, teachers of the trout and so on (runnin out of words)..um, yeah, you guys rock
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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