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Commercial Opening

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I was coming home from work tonight and as I drove over the Port Mann, I noticed the commercial fleet was out. Other than Thompson steelhead and the non-existant Vedder coho, what do you think they were targeting? Doggies?

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Why the $&*# are they netting when the few & far between Thompson steel are trying to get upriver. I know that most commie boats have revival boxes on the boats, but man :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

It's probly a chum roe fishery!! &%#*ing losers.
I saw the boats too...all the way up the fraser...cross your fingers guys, let's hope the steelies don't even come close to seeing a net....runnin' the gauntlet one way or another......

Here the dilemna of reality sets in.

Fisheries management want to maximize the utility of the resource....so they tell the population ecologists that they need the best predictions for run timing, numbers, varying harvest rates and optimum harvest schedules to reduce impacts, etc...

Then these ecologists do the research based on past years returns, test sets, catch statistics, growth models, etc, etc, etc and they run severeal models of the population cycle, projecting the effects of various harvest levels...the impacts on other species based on typical run timing, etc, etc, etc....and then they give the resource managers the best information they can, and usually it is pretty good information, then fisheries management has to decide realistically how to keep everybody happy...
The reality of people's livelihoods and the demands of the gov't to keep the economy rolling cause them to push it sometimes...it's almost as if they are running the gauntlet themselves....

HMMMMMMMM....how do we squeeze just enough water out of this stone so that it doesn't dry out on us....?

(And here I am, little old ribwart, wanting to get a second degree now, this time in ecology, population dynamics....end up running the gauntlet myself I think...)

Not an easy job I'd imagine...
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haven't been any steelhead caught at albion for a number of days, hopefully this bodes well for their survival of a commercial opening.
Yeah I seen the commercial boats out last night, up from Fort Langley, and couldn't figure out what they were up to, but they were definitely out with the nets.
looks like they caught a fair nuimber of fish, judging by today's numbers at Albion
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