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I had the opportunity to fish Corbett Lake last week and was more than pleasantly surprised once my wallet was $100 lighter. I have always been hesitant about the "pay to fish" scheme but I thought..."What the hell why not?"

They supply the boat which is nice as it beats lugging your own boat up into the Interior and you can therefore drive much faster on the freeway.

There were a number of boats on the lake when i arrived but by noon I had it to myself. The lake has lare shoals and given the warm weather I figured ther would be little action on the shoals and all the fish would be deep so anchored about 10 feet from the drop off and cast my full sink line out into the depths then made a slow reteive.

I landed a total of 7 trout and lost 3 mid battle. 3 of the 7 were 25" and over with the largest at 27" or a tad over 7lbs (using the length/girth formula) 3 others were between 18" and 24" with the smallest (and the winner of the "triple jump" award) a small 15".

I went through the box trying about 20 different flies over the 8 hrs and 2 flies caught all 7 fish. A very sparkly Carey Special type fly and shockingly a #8 chartreusse bugger which I put on out of frustration in the last 2 hours of the day which drew 3 hits on the first 5 casts.

Has anyone else tried this lake and care to share their experiences?

Has anyone tried 7 1/2 Diamond Ranch which is another private lake in the area?
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