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I'mheading over to the mainland next week, heading up to Prince George first, then down through the Okanagan heading for the Castlegar, Trail area, any suggestions for areas to fish for bass, trout and walleye

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Hey rikfishing,

Not sure why people thing Castlegar is in the Okanagan as its in the Kootenays (region 4)

I haven't been out to the columbia this year but I hear there are some people catching
good rainbows.

I think the river is too high to effectively hunt for walleye. It may drop by the time you get here.

As for bass in the Okanagan, try Vaseaux Lake. Generally around the island in the south end
is the best. Though what do I know, I get skunked there all the time :p

There is a boat launch in nestle between the houses on the south end too. This is a no motor lake which
makes it tough on a windy day.

If you are near Westbank (across the lake from Kelowna),
there is a small lake off of Shannon lake golf course that also holds
bass. This lake was (when I lived there) almost always quiet. I heard some tales of pulling some
bigger bass out of here. The biggest I ever caught was 10 inches. I think these guys might actually
be small mouth bass.

Check out my fishing report in the Kootenays for bass fishing on Erie lake.

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