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Cowlitz River

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Hey guys, I've recently heard that this river is on fire for steelhead, to the tune of increasing the limit to 6 hatchery fish. Anyone ever fish it, either from the banks, or with a guide. It seems as though you can get a guided trip for about $165 per person. Might just call for an overnighter???
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Keep in mind the Cowlitz is pumped full of chambers creek(strain) hatchery brats, that are quite small and apperently void of fighting ability. You would be basically be going to pick up groceries.
As for the limit, my American friends have told me that they are just trying to avoid recycling the fish that make the hatchery by having them killed in the "terminal" area. Terminal area is called "blue creek" and is basically a busier more disgusting Keith Wilson Bridge experience.
Ogo, if you wish to head south to catch steelhead, there are far better opportunities in places such as the Olympic penninsula or big rivers with big wild fish, like the Skagit or Sauk.
Not trying to burst your bubble, but when anti hatchery folks look for a worst case scenario, they point fingers at the over stocked Cowlitz as their poster child.

The Stamp is very similar and far more beautiful and just as productive, plus you are supporting Canadian guides who are also very affordable.

There is some great opportunities across the border in Febuary - April , if youre looking to catch large wild steelhead. I can direct you to some good guides if you need any info.
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Sounds much better Ironhead, would love some info on guides, and more rivers. What you've said makes alot of sense, as I also read some info on how they move the fish around the river. looking forward to trying out the jigs, they look awesome, especially when compared to the one that I used this week on the Stamp.
There are some big steelies on the west coast of washington too! I can attess to the reports of good fishing over there! I hope to make it there soon!

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