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Crappie or Perch in Silvermere or Hatzic? Any hot spots?

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Taking my kid brother and his friend out fishing, and I figure panfish should be easy to catch. I've heard they are in Hatzic and Silvermere. Anybody know where to go after them? One lake better than the other?
What about trout?
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hatzic has and awsome crappie population for perch you would want to the island and silvermere has a sweet bass supply also
I believe Mill lake may have some crappy and sun fish as well.

Finder :wink:
I fished Silvermere- hooked a HUGE trout on a white grub. brother hooked a two lb bass, and we saw some big carp. Not much else. I'll try Hatzic next time and keep ya posted.
Whonnock and Hatzic are the best crappie lakes in the lower mainland imo. Hatzic is a lot tougher once the spawn is over but the fish are bigger. Check out link for the WHALE my friend caught last spring http://www.sharphooks.com/club.aspx...showthread&thread=112&threadpage=0&postpage=0 scroll down a bit on that post- I must admitt that all my Crappie skills came from the dude holding the HUGE crappie in the pic above but from what I learned from him the two lakes I mentioned above are far and away the best lakes in the Valley. Cheers.
The link didn't seem to work. But thanks for the tips. I'll be trying Hatzic this weekend or next.
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