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gtxr said:
Thanks guys and Gals! I was just looking for some info. So they do come into play in the Vedder then. Thanks. I plan to hit the river with the boy again this weekend to see if I can get him to hook into something. Hes only 3.5yr's but If he hooked something at least it will keep him entertained for a while. Thanks again.
Hey gtxr, it bugs me when people give unsolicited advice, and now I'm one of those people...

My boys are now 9 and 13. I've been where you are; wanting to get your kid into fish and trying to find an age appropriate fishery. If I may be so bold as to suggest that elusive cutthroat on the Vedder at his age may not be the best fit. Perhaps in the Sumas Canal but not to many other places. Swift water, rocks or slippery banks, flying gear and a little guys uncertain steps, especially during autumn salmon madness, makes for a potentially dangerours or unpleasant combination.

From one father to another, my unsolicited recommendation is to try a locally stocked lake (Sardis Pond) or Walmlesy Lake in Abbbotsford. I've taken many kids there and only had one not catch anything. A #1 Mepps aglia, tipped with a worm, will bring lots of action from pint sized bass that are Jonah and the whale to a little guy.

Good luck. Taking my children fishing combined both loves and is pure heaven...mostly (Although I learned early on that toys, snacks and a change of clothes guaranteed Daddy an extended period of time on the water! A wet, hungry or bored child can inxay a fishing outing pretty quickly.)
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