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Chilliwack/Vedder River

River conditions this week have been high and dirty. River will be fully closed in a couple of days and will re-open on July 1st.

Local Lakes

Most local lakes have been fishing very well the past couple of weeks. Cultus lake has been giving up some very nice dollies and some cutthroat as well. Troll deep with wordens flatfish,storm 4" wildeye anchovy lures,or kwikfish plugs for Bull trout.Flyfishermen have been doing well on tied down minnows,rolled muddlers and epoxy minnows,try fishing these patterns an hour before sundown in the main beach area at the outflow of Sweltzer creek for cutthroat trout.
Chilliwack lake has been giving up some good fish as well,use the same techniques as described for Cultus.
East Harrison lakes such as Deer,Trout and Hicks have been great for smaller,willing trout and are great lakes for kids.Try worms or single eggs fished on the bottom for success.
Weaver and Grace lakes on the west side of Harrison have been very productive for fly fishermen.Attractor patterns are your best bet,try pumpkinheads,olive crystal flash leeches,black micro leeches,spratleys,careys and chironomids.
Stacy lake located on Mt.Woodside is a great spot for some secluded local fishing and receives very little pressure.Any attractor patterns will produce trout.

Interior Lakes

Most interior lakes are fishing very well now.The only thing affecting fishing is usually weather changes at this time of year.Sunny,warm,high pressure days will usually produce better than cold,low pressure systems.
Great reports from Plateau,Dardenelles,Roche,Courtney,White,Kane valley lakes,Pike mountain lakes and just about every other lake in the southern interior.

Tight lines,Rob
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