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For those of you wanting to get out on the water....Dave comes highly recommended. :thumbup:

The PREDATOR'S PEN Date: August 10th/2008.

An update of the local saltwater fishing scene for Vancouver To : Saltwater Angler

By: David Korsch (Predator Charters)
E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: www.predatorcharters.com
Phone: (604) 329 - 8642 Fax: (604) 886 - 1928

Hello Fellow Anglers

The Chinook have hit the Fraser!!!!

This morning those of us fishing off Pt. Grey experienced a VERY good Chinook bite that lasted all morning. Most of the fish came in between 15 and 30 lbs, but there were a few larger ones, and I got a report of one that may have reached well into the 40's. Most boats hooked into several good fish, several were broken off by inexperienced anglers, and I think boxing 3 large fish was about average. It really was good fishing. We had an "average" morning, boating two "reds" of 16.5, and 21 lbs, and a 26 lb white in addition to releasing a couple undersized Jacks.

Most fish were getting hit on anchovies between 50 and 80 feet, but the odd one hit a hootchie. These fish will often take lures, so it is always a good idea to pop out the odd spoon or hootchie at times. this can be especially true when fishing between T-10 and Sandheads. While the fish were at Pt. Grey this weekend, they may also have been further South, and if the bte dies at Pt. Grey, I'd be looking to T-10 and Sandheads to find the next concentration of fish.

I'd expect to see the action to continue for a few days at least (since the fish just arrived), and it could even pick up further as we often find the best fishing off the mouth of the Fraser around the full or new moon phases (next weekend). We may even see the action continue on a steady pace right into September, as the West Vancouver net pens come on-line this summer with 3-yr Chinook returning. This could occur in late August or early September, so we may just find that we will experience several waves of Chinook arriving for the rest of the summer. It's about time we had some good local fishing!

Of course many of you have heard that the sockeye fishery was closed almost as soon as it was opened. I guess the early fish arrived in larger than expected numbers, but the summer fish (the ones we target) came in much lower. I don't expect to have any changes occur now, so we can put to rest any hope of a sockeye fishing this summer

I am already quite booked through the next week or so, but do have a few openings early this week, so the timing could be great for those who can take advantage of it. At the present time, I am open Mon. Aug 11th (am, pm), Tues. Aug 12th (am, pm), Wed. Aug 13th (am, pm), and potentially Thurs. Aug 14th (am....but I have to be back at the dock by mid-day). My next opening would then be Wed. Aug 20th (pm), and I am also open Aug 21st and Aug 22nd (am, pm).

As always, feel free to pass this information along to any associates whom may appreciate the report. If you have any questions, or wish to book a charter, e-mail me [email protected]), or call me at (604) 329 - 8642.

Tight Lines,
David Korsch
Predator Charters
[email protected]
(604) 329 - 8642
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