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The PREDATOR'S PEN Date: July 27th/2008.

An update of the local saltwater fishing scene for Vancouver To : Saltwater Angler

By: David Korsch (Predator Charters)
E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: www.predatorcharters.com
Phone: (604) 329 - 8642 Fax: (604) 886 - 1928

Hello Fellow Anglers

Sockeye are now open!!!

Now that I have your attention here are the details. We opened for Sockeye Saturday, but as of yet we don't have an indication whether or not we will see some hot Sockeye fishing. It is still quite early for us to target Sockeye specifically, but there were at least a couple hit in Vancouver Harbour yesterday by anglers who weren't even looking for them. In recent years, we haven't really seen the Sockeye fishery turn on until near the end of the first week in August, but the runs are arriving several days earlier than the traditional average this year, and a bit stronger than anticipated early in the year. I am sure the next week or so will see several of us go out and "test the waters". Of course we don't know how long the recreational fishery will stay open for this prime eating species, but I'd think it will be until the middle of August anyway.

The Gulf Island fishery has remained strong, but as with most fishing you have to be there when the bite is on. The majority of the fish are extremely fat "reds" in the mid-teens, but there are a few topping 20 as well. We just have to hope for calm seas in order to take those extended trips over to Gabriola. Small spoons (2 3/4" Gypsy, 3.5" coyote, and Krippled-K) trolled along the bottom have been working best, but the green/glow spackleback hootchie is also a good bet.

West Vancouver is starting to produce a few more Coho now, and there are some nice Chinook thrown into the mix as well. White hootchies (or other pale colours) in the to 40' will get most of the Coho, but anchovies and spoons can also be quite productive. Try a large whole herring just off the bottom if you are looking to target a large Chinook specifically.

Howe Sound (especially hole in the Wall) continues to produce some nice fish, but it is one of those places where you find good days and slow days......no real consistency through a stretch of several days. I'd expect this area to begin tapering off in the next week or so. Anchovies trolled from 40 to 100 feet have been the best producers recently, and the number of problem seals has also diminished in the last couple weeks, so at least you now have a chance to land the fish you hook.

If you are going out to target Sockeye, they require some different fishing techniques from most other species. The first has to do with the highly schooling nature of the species. They want to be in close quarters with each other, so we deploy several "dummy flashers" bunched tightly on our cables. I use short dummies (4' from the clip to the back of the flasher), and clip them 4' apart on my downriggers. I then clip my lines close to the top dummy (5' above it), and keep the flasher within 4 or 5 feet of the cable. The second line on that rigger is then clipped 5 to 7 feet above the first one. This tight pattern mimics a Sockeye school, so when you pass through an actual school, several of the fish will usually break off the natural school and follow yours. Use small pink hootchies to imitate the krill they feed on out at sea, and you should start to get a few bites. One last VERY important point. Don't stop the boat when you get a fish on or you will lose your school. Keep trolling, and multiple hook-ups often occur.

For those looking at booking a potential Sockeye trip, I'd look to those first 2 weeks in August, and if we stay open longer than that I'd call it a real bonus, but we will just have to wait and see what occurs. I am already quite booked through the next week or so, but do have quite a few openings during those first couple weeks in August. As of right now I have the following open dates/times: Mon. July 28th (pm), Tues. Jul 29th (am, pm), Wed. July 30th (pm), Mon. Aug 4th (pm), Tues. Aug 5th (pm), Wed. Aug 6th (am, pm), Sat. Aug. 9th (am, pm) and I am still open from Aug. 11th through 13th for both am, and pm trips (or full day trips). Next available date after that is Aug 20th (pm).

As always, feel free to pass this information along to any associates whom may appreciate the report. If you have any questions, or wish to book a charter, e-mail me [email protected]), or call me at (604) 329 - 8642.

Tight Lines, and Best wishes
David Korsch
Predator Charters
[email protected]
(604) 329 - 8642

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If you feel inclined TJ, contact predator directly and then perhaps you can pose your question to him more effectively...

As a general rule, the guide and tackle shops section isn't so much for discussion, but more so for info and to allow anglers who visit the sites to view reports from the industry. In a round about way, it also gives them someone to contact if they want more...

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