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The PREDATOR'S PEN Date: June 4th/2007.

An update of the local saltwater fishing scene for Vancouver To : Saltwater Angler

By: David Korsch (Predator Charters)
E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: www.predatorcharters.com
Phone: (604) 329 - 8642 Fax: (604) 886 - 1928

Hello Fellow Anglers

The past couple weeks has provided us with almost perfect weather most days. Calm seas have been the norm, and I have managed to get over and fish the Gulf Islands on every one of my trips......a very good call since we have brought home nice Chinook on each of those voyages. On some occasions it has taken a while to locate the fish, but each day we have eventually managed to hook into several nice fish.

While I will still fish locally if the weather doesn't allow us to cross Georgia St. or those booking the trip wish to stay locally, it is the time of year that I really prefer to make those longer trips over to Gabriola Island and Thrasher Rk whenever possible. The fishing is generally far superior over there during the month of June, and though some days seals can be a problem, that issue exists locally as well. The past week I personally didn't have any seal issues at Thrasher Rock, though a buddy had a bit of a problem with one June 1st (not too bad though). On May 30th I initially thought our first fish had been taken by one, but fights with subsequent fish that day convinced me I may have been mistaken...those fish fought like seals but weren't!!! For some reason, the fish over there really seem to fight really hard - maybe it is because they are feeding well, and generally quite fat and sassy. We are also beginning to see some larger fish over there, as several fish in the high teens to mid-20's have been taken over the past couple weeks.

Personally, when fishing over off the Gulf Islands, I rarely use bait, as I find small spoons (Krippled-K, and Gypsy spoons) or hootchies trolled just off the bottom to be far more effective for me. Gypsy spoon colours that seem to always work well are: Paddy Wagon, Army Truck, Punk Skunk, Flamin' Hans, and Witch. Similar colours in the 3.5" Coyote also work well, and you can add in the "Lime Twist". Lately, the green/glow spackle back hootchie has been hot, but I've also found the Peanut Butter, Army Truck, White (with red eye), and Porlier Special (glow purple) to also be very effective at times. Last week I was still finding 4" herring in the bellies of my fish, but we should begin to see the fish feeding on "young of the year" herring (1") in the near future. Once this happens, those small spoons really come into their own....it may even be a time to try those really small 1.5" Gypsy spoons.

Locally, the fishing has remained pretty spotty, and while the odd good fish is getting caught, they have been pretty few and far between. We should begin to see some better results locally as more of the larger fish destined for the Squamish system during the summer months begin to arrive. The fishing could still remain fairly spotty, but when a concentration of fish is located the action can be quite good. Likely this will occur off Camp Byng, Salmon Rock, Hole in the Wall, Cowan's Pt. or up in the Defense Island/Porteau Cove area. It will be interesting to see how the Porteau Cove fishery comes together this summer, as we never knew about it before mid-July 2003 (and late July was spectacular), and June 2004 was quite good (July wasn't). 2005 and 2006 were terrible, but I attribute that to the road construction going on directly above Porteau Cove - rock drilling and blasting has to affect those fish. I don't know if that construction is finished or not, but the last time I was up there it looked as if they have moved further away.

If you are interested in booking a charter, I am still pretty open for mid-week trips during the next couple of weeks. The long range forecast still looks good during the latter portion of the upcoming week, so crossings to the Gulf Islands should be possible. At present, I still have the following openings: Wednesday June 6th (am, pm), Thursday June 7th (am, pm), Saturday June 9th (possible pm), Monday June 11th (pm), Tuesday June 12th (pm), Thursday June 14th (am, pm), Friday June 15th (am, pm), Monday June 18th (pm), and I have couple other trips during this period where the final date/time isn't confirmed yet. I'm still pretty open in the last couple weeks of the month other than Saturday June 23rd.

As always, feel free to pass this information along to any associates whom may appreciate the report. If you have any questions, or wish to book a charter, e-mail me [email protected]), or call me at (604) 329 - 8642.

Tight Lines, and Best wishes
David Korsch
Predator Charters
[email protected]
(604) 329 - 8642
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