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Dewdney slough boat launch sign

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I was out checking out the slough today and upon my arrival at the boat launch I was startled to read another new sign . Last week's new sign , was that effective Oct 2007 that there would be a $6.00 daily charge fee. That was bad enough , but the salt in the wound came today when another new sign appeared and read , CLOSED , LOW WATER. The gate was open today though, but I do not know if it has been closed prior to my visit this week .
Well that was enough to send me into a rage. I spotted a young fella there cleaning up some jerk's mess in the parking lot and noticed that he worked for the Fraser Valley Regional District.

I asked him who put that sign up , and he replied that he did under his boss's authotity .
Of course the next logical question was WHY, and it was because of the cement ramp leading down to the water . It apparently is to far from the concrete ramp to the water's edge where some vehicles must back out to . It is now a liabiality issue .

We have seen several of our access roads to our fishing areas being closed to us over the years . Parking ,camping Chehalis River , Weaver lake ,taken away, large metal gates closing access roads, Norrish , Inch, Suicide Creek and more boat launching fees thrown at us , Harrison river , Harrison Lake , and now Dewdney Slough. There is a boat launch at the Stave river by the falls parking area that I could never get any action on either . So it just sits there locked, so frustrating . :evil:
I say enough is enough, I have been driven from my favorite rivers by the slob fishermen and now am being faced with being driven from the last little piece of water I enjoyed by a stinking local bureaucrat ! :x
If you think the same way contact the FVRD Manager. Phone number 604-702-5000. This is my first post here and I am not sure if I am able to give out his name here . The only other avenue I see is getting a petition started and leaving it at the local sports fishing shops .
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You can still launch at dewdney slough I believe the sign was put into place to more reduce to "non" locals from staying out, it is a very tricky launch when the tide goes out, remember in the winter months the tides are much stronger with an average of 3' low's and 14' highs that's quite a flucuation and in a shallow slough like the dewdney it could mean launching your boat just fine but gettin it out when the tide is out good-luck not without a 4x4 and some pushin of the boat to get it onto the trailer, but it can be done.
As far as the gate being closed at stave well the major reason being it is not suitable to launch, sure the bay is deep but the river is very narrow and an accident is bound to happen if more boats are in there, another reason is this we at S&R use that and other areas like it to use in case of emergency, yes I do have a key and NO it's not available I don't even use it for any type of personal business.
I do think there should be more access to the river and I think that will come with the highway expansion and mission Cities plans to re-develope the Mission waterfront into what falso creek in Vancouver is now.
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I hear what you are saying Ed! I went on a rant about Weaver Lake and Chilliwack lake being locked up a while ago, and have had more than one go at the caretaker at Kilby.The fishermen who launch are forced to pay but the guys who go to park and drink only leave the empty beer cans as payment. The gvrd and the munis have lots of highly payed administraters that have to exercise the power they have to justify the position. I know that vandalism is a huge problem, but dont penalize the sportsmen with launce fees and other restrictions. We are the guys who clean up the rivers and parking lots and help the inexpierienced who get into trouble. If you are going to charge users, charge every user who parks a car at the facility. Fair is fair. :roll: :roll:
Well, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one getting a little upset about fees & access. It's getting bloody ridiculous.
JUST LET US FISH!!!!! I went up to Weaver over the Thanksgiving weekend only to find it gated & locked, I even went on the website to check for any issues regarding access, and was assured it would be open that weekend, but after getting there I found it all locked up tight.
It seems like, ....well, we will open it, as long as we know we can make money off it, cause money makes us all feel better.
My 2 cents.
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