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1. (of a task, duty, or responsibility) Involving a burdensome amount of effort and difficulty.
2. Involving heavy obligations.
Synonyms:burdensome - heavy - weighty - difficult - laborious

Interesting...I understand what the honerable member and his gov't is trying to say, but I wonder if he does...?

Was it too onerous a task to look up the meaning of a word before using it to try to simultaneously describe the changes and the justification for making them?

Or is it just that planning is onerous...? Maybe its onerous to have to deal with the uproar now that word has gotten out...?

Perhaps a synomym would have been useful? Or maybe he was just too "overzealous" in his use of the word "onerous"...

It's almost like he just learned the word for him to use it so gratuitously in the first sentence to describe alleged gov't plans to change the act, and then again also to describe the burden of observing fish habitat requirements. Was this just some word he noticed in a "tow the party line" memo he recieved?

Truly must be a burden to have to consider fish habitat before building a harbour or marina...let's just do away with the whole protection thing altogether shall we? It's too much trouble anyways...build the harbour, screw meeting those onerous fish habitat protection requirements! ::)

What really bothers me is that this honerable mp personally "will review the legislation thoroughly to ensure that fish habitats are protected"...

Should we feel reassured by that? and...is he actually qualified and have a strong enough scientific background to review and assess the requirements for adequate fish habitat protection? :eek:

Furthermore, given this letter and what it reveals about him, is he actually qualified to even represent his constituency, or did he just get too much sun recently...?
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