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I have used Diawa Saltiga for a couple years now (before that was the accurate reel). My model is SA30. It is a solid reel. This reel is designed to use with braided line. It will hold a lot of braided at 50lbs / 360yds. It produces 22.5lbs drag and it is powerful. It also cast super smooth as well. I have also fished this reel for stugeon and it will out power, out smooth even the Shimano Trindad reel. In fact, most light tackle outfiters in San Diego will prefer the Saltiga over the Trindad. It is just a super workhorse.

But this reel isn't cheap. And it does not come with levelwind cause it is built for salt. It takes a while to get used to the non-levelwind but everyone tried it got used to it after the fish out-ing with me.

By the way, this is my Stugeon, and halibut reel.

It costs is your concern, try the saltist model. It is half the price but receive just as good review compare to the saltiga.
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