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Differences in Salmon Flavour around the southern "Salt" Coast

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Howdy....hopefully this is okay in the salt forum.

I am strictly talking "reds" here as I know the whites have a different flavour.

I know I have tasted a noticeable difference in fish I have caught on WCVI vs in the local Vancouver waters but I was quite surprised at some fish I had last night. Not much more than about 2 1/2 weeks ago we cooked up the last of our WCVI late August Tofino fish which I was REALLY enjoying all through the year. Last night cooked up the first (that I have had) of our fish caught off Kyuquot in third week of July; I was quite surprised at the flavour difference. The bulk of our fish were caught on the "highway" so I am not entirely sure where they were headed but I have to say....I will back in Tofino/Ukie area later next summer. All fish were bled right away so I don't think that could have a bearing on it; also the flesh was very similar in colour....not really comparing a real dark red spring with a lighter "pinkish" spring.

Not sure if it "could" (doubtful) come down to who packaged it (I was too lazy on both and didn't have a vaccum sealer handy) but the Tofino fish was done by Trilogy (who I was very happy with the packing and the cold smoke).....and this most recent batch of "commercially" packaged was done by St. Jeans. We did have vaccum sealers in Kyuquot but the last two fish were caught and not "processed" due to laziness plus my GF wanted some cold smoke done with one of the fish already caught and frozen. I jus figured for the cheaper price I would let St. Jeans do the cold smoke and process the other two fish.

I am aware of the difference in flavour that will happen in fish from various "systems".....I was just remarking at it last night at dinner.

Part of me noticing this was.....I got REALLY tired of eating salmon and over the past 3 years have developed a "new found love" for eating the fish.

Anyone have a particular "run" or "region/time of year" that they prefer?
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Yes, Trilogy does an excellent job but i think the big thing is the time from killing the fish and getting packed/frozen is crucial to the superior taste.
Welcome back from down under... I heard that the west coast of Vancouver Is. caught fish do taste better & properly cared for after catching has to make a big dif. You should live to be in your 80's & 90"s eating all that wild salmon... healthy oils... don't forget the veg & fruit !!!
Well I have not done a lot of saltwater fishing over the years but in the two months I have been up at the QCI the difference between Saltwater caught Salmon to freshwater caught Salmon is a difference I didn't know existed! :hmmm:
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