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Does anybody know?

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I was wondering if it is possible to hike to the confluence of the Vedder/Sumas and the Fraser River. I thought maybe fishing from shore may produce. Has anyone ever done this. I saw on a map that the Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack is on the East shore, but there doesn't appear to be anything on the West shore. If anyone has info regarding directions/parking/trails, would you please help me out?

Fish on!
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You can ........ park at the lowest part accessible along the **** ....... hike down to the train bridge ...... hike down the tracks till you find a spot. Tis a long way. Not available during high water (run off).

There are many many places along the Fraser with as good (or better) fishing with a lot shorter walk ...... what are you after???

I want to catch a Chinook salmon this season!

I was born and raised in the Shuswap, and always fished for trout. Now that I live in Vancouver, I've become addicted to the idea of productive shore fishing for Salmon. I read as much as I can from online content and fishing magazines. My fly rod is losing my attention. I've only caught one Salmon so far, and that was a small Pink on a pink Hot Rod spoon at Herrling Island last late-summer. It was much more exhilarating than landing a trout.

I recently read from a fishing guide website that some Chinook salmon have been caught in this location just on spinners. I really like the adventure of fishing. I appreciate a good hike if it rewards me with uncrowded productive fishing. Learning the science/art of local Salmon sportfishing from shore will probably take several seasons, but I just can't stop casting.

Thanks so much for the info, I'm new to this site and will start posting reports of my own.
hey 2metric

my dad and i walked that walk a couple years back and found NO good shore access especially in high water there would sure be none at all

we did the walk this time of the year as well because people were hooking springs at the mouth

it was a nice LONG hike and when you get into the shade beside the mountains the moquitos EAT YOU ALIVE that part for sure sucked

as the fishing went we werent able to get any good enough spots to get any good casting so we walked back and tried the lower end and actually saw one taken that day

what a beauty too

hope this helps

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Thanks Hook.

Forgive the typing I just got in and it's late Friday June 24th? I wanted to check this site again as I am new to it. Thanks for sharing info from your excursions with your dad.

My pops is retiring and moving down here at the end of this June. He's a genius trout bum fly fisherman! I was raised fishing the Adams River. I can't wait to take him out for some Salmon action!
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