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Dragon Fly Fishing !!

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Dragon Lake ice came off this last week , fishing is very good this week , black bead head micro leech has worked best for me , fished near bottom in the shallow bays. Emai me for lastest update on lake condition , or book waterfront B&B . and boat rentals.
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Nice! :thumbup: Can't wait to head up!

Finder ;D
Well fished Dragon yesterday, and had a great day. The fish seem to come in bunches through out the day, I finished with boating 16 fish myself up to 26" with a few more bust offs and hook spits. In the afternoon I had a buddy join me and that made for the highlight of the day as he boated a 29" fish that we figured would run 8-10 pounds a real beauty. found that most of sucess was is deeper water with longer leads under our strike indicators 7-10 foot leaders at times. And the flavour of the day seem to be small wine colured micro leeches with silver bead head that said I did hook fish on a variety of other colours. The lake it self seem to colour up through out the day so maybe the turn is on the way. I am sure it will be like a circus there this weekend.
Man! Sure wish I could head up right now. :wallbash: Great report pgBilly.

Finder ;D
fished it May 11 and every one I talked to had a slow day. Got out for only a couple of hours and had 1 fish and buddy with me had 3 fish. Day before was very good talking to the guys up there for a week long trip.
can someone please help me out???

I would like to get the name and number of the resort/lodge/trailers at Dragon Lake.

email for dragon fly fishing watefront B&B is [email protected] or phone 250 747 1470
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