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For Kokanee, most people use a small flasher or dodger, a short leader and spinners, small spoons, wedding bands or small Hootchies or squirts in pink, red, purple or chartreuse, sometimes tipped with a maggot, piece of worm, or Power Bait pink or green maggots. Kokanee are Sockeye salmon, and they like a slow troll and a lot of action and flash on the end, hence the use of a flasher or dodger. Some people will use a gang troll but I find that they produce too much drag and take the fun out of playing a hooked fished. I've been experimenting with some of the tackle from Shasta Tackle. If you Google them you'll find all you need. Also, a rubber snubber below the flasher will help keep fish on as Kokanee have Rey soft mouths.

For Trout, there are simply hundreds of things that will work, but I've never fished that lake so don't really know what to suggest.
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21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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