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Since I had the last 2 days of frustrating fishless days i snuck out for an hour and a half this morning giving it another try, to get out my little slump i have been in, knowing fully that my day will eventually come but i wasnt sure when.

I got out to the River at around 6 am walkedinto my usual red spring run to find no one there, saw a ton of sockeye rolling around but no springs rising which was OK. I usually fish the lower part of the run i was at but today i decided to start at the head of the run .. I rigged on a nice big piece roe float drifted about 10 ft down the run and WHAM !!!!!!!! Spring on !!!! Finally landed this little guy but released it quickly.. A little dark for my liking, decided to take a pic of it anyway to show my father in law thats coming down here in 2 weeks that there is indeed fish in the river lol !!!

Finally got through my little slump i was going through with a spring landed after 2 long days of nothing, rigged on another piece of roe and in the same spot as the previous fish was hooked, i hooked into another fish, this one felt allot more aggressive with strong runs up and down river jumped one and was BRIGHT CHROME !!!! so taking a bit more of extra caution playing this one making sure this one was coming in without any problems, taking me down river into fast water back into the slow water back down the fast water eventually slid her in back up at the top of the run and tailed a nice clean spring !!!!

I cut the gills let her bleed out and started to change some colours a bit (typical Vedder red spring) Got some really nice roe out of it as well

After i cleaned her out I tried one more cast and got a huge spring on the other side of the river landed it was at least a good 20 pounds really red looking, crazy fight this gave me took the hook out and slowly let it go back for another day

A guy and his father came in couple of really nice guys chatted with them for a while, they weren't having any luck, they didn't have any bait with them, and since I'm heading back up northern Vancouver island on Friday to port Mcneill for some more halibut and salmon fishing i gave these guys my left over roe and prawns hoping they get to have a great day like i got this morning.

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wow nice catch. i was up there today a bit up Alison pool. pretty much skunked out on spring, always having about 4 sockeye take my pro-cure roe. :'( shitty when u aren't getting the fish you target. on the bright side, i was very suprised to see chrome sockeye up that far. back 2 years ago...i was fishing down at vedder crossing they were already red. i am gonna try and hit up the river this weekend again, wish you could show me your awesome spot and teach the ways of centerpin fishing. (i totally suck at it right now) OH i forgot to mentioned that...there was about 20 springs up at the hatchery around 1pm. pretty low so far

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Got out this morning as well with a few of our members CK, Steelie Trav, Tall-e-nough and gave the
river a go. Fair amount of sockeye moving through the system so watch for the adipose fin being clipped
for the Cultus Lake sockeye and take extra care with these due to extremely low numbers.
Heard of a few reds being caught but what was odd is that while at "Prison Run" we had noticed a
carcass in the water and upon closer inspection, turned out to be an 8-12 lb spring with it's head cut off.
We figure this kill was legal and had been lost during the trip back but aside from the fact that the head
should remain intact until one reaches their place of residence, you would think it would be easier to carry
it with the head on. ::) Also one can only hope that this kill was immediately recorded and counted
on this angler's licence as part of their yearly quota...

Good for you FF, sounds like your effort had paid off. Your dad will enjoy the pics I'm sure. :)

Tight Lines...Marko
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