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First week in April, Mosquito Lagoon
Here it is April already and the fishing is good. The Speckeled Trout have been bitting good and there are some nice sized ones,running 12-23 inches. You can also expect to catch 15-25 shorts each trip out. There are still some 15-17 inch Redfish around and you can expect to catch up to 20 of them each trip. There are some large Reds in the mix as well.
Berkley Gulp has been working great on both the reds and trout! Gold spoons have also been good. There is still at least one school of big black drum around the Haulover Canal and the Port St. John power plant. The power plant also has a lot of Jacks and some small Tarpon directly offshore.
I had two young men and their dad out earlier this week, and there is nothing like watching an eight-year old catch a 23 inch trout. His eyes lit up and his face turned into a great big smile. He was laughing and yelling to beat the band. It's worth the effort to take a kid fishing. Try it if you have the chance.
Let's talk a little about fishing ettiquite; I don't want to step on anyone's toes and far be it from me to start preaching... but I was raised to respect the rights of every fisherman on the water. A little courtesy never hurt anyone and it sure makes for better fishing all around. If you see someone anchored and fishing in one spot give them some room. Don't crowd right in on top of them. Keep enough distance between you so each of you can cast toward each other and not get you lines tangled. Both of you will catch more fish and have a better day.
Good fishing to you all!
Captain Neal Goodrich
[email protected]
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