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The Steelhead Society of BC has prepared a brief with some basic project information and listed some concerns regarding SSBC values.

SSBC hopes that people will voice their concerns regarding this project by writing letters. To help with that there is also a sample letter that can be paraphrased or simply copied and sent to the Review Panel using the link in the brief.

The deadline for public comment is August 31, 2012.

There has been some stories in the Media as of late with Prime Minister Harper suggesting environmental groups are being financed by American interests to hijack the hearing process.

As Vice President of SSBC I can say we certainly haven't received a dime from any group other than through our grass roots fund raising campaigns that have been supported by people like yourselves.

Every single one of the directors of SSBC whether they are from the Northern branch, Comox branch or the parent body, volunteers their time to various initiatives in an effort to participate in what could be called active grass roots democracy. No, it's not a neat and tidy process, if not passionate its democratic. Frankly, its too bad that Harper and his Big Business friends seem to have a problem with that. We don't have the $100 million war chest that Enbridge has just for moving this proposal forward.

This pipeline will run through some very unstable geographic areas, and cross some of if not the most productive wild summer run steelhead producing watersheds in the world. Please consider the importance of these watersheds and what is at stake here. Technology can change the way we fuel our cars etc, but so far as evidenced in the experience of Enbridge, the best technology in the oil industry can not prevent pipeline or other related oil transportation spills. This is too precious to sit and watch happen without at the very least voicing a concern. Thanks

Brief here:

http://www.steelheadsociety.org/sites/default/files/Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project Brief - SSBC.pdf

Please note: The public comment period has been extended to August 31 2012. At the end of the SSBC brief is a sample letter you can cut and paste and send in to the addresses provided. Or you can use the electronic form supplied here:http://gatewaypanel.review-examen.gc.ca/clf-nsi/prtcptngprcss/lttrfcmmnt-eng.html

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