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Just a quick note...haven't followed up as indicated.

The Eve is still solid...don't think you will catch hundreds of fish but you will do fine.
The norm seems to be 5-10 fish per day..two tides. Incoming can be great and simply go to the mouth
and follow them in...

On the falling tide...hunt and conquer.

Simply put it is a great place to be: wonderful scenary, Orcas, eagles, and even a few bears...with lots of Salmon. Can it get better...yes when the Coho arrive.


***Nile is tempermental...sometimes fish...other times not so good. Let's hope it improves as the days get into August.

***Campbell has lots of fish and pressure is light...can't bonk a Pink until August 15....so the meat hunters are not about.

More as it happens on the Island.

Flatlander becoming a bit salty!!!!
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