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This weekend was a no fishing weekend for me,but the steely fever beat all the odds of doing anything else.
One of the members of the site invited me for a afternoon of fishing and I couldn't resist,sneeked of around 13:00pm yesterday and hit the highway towards east.
Got to the river to find him exited and have a lot to tell,he was already into a couple of fish himself but no luck landing any of them,we had a little chat and he decided to take me into one beutiful piece of water that looked more than promising.
We fished the pool hard and had no luck trying all kinds of different presentations,we decided to move down river into the fast water,he was a head of me and just as we started he was into a nother fish but not long after lost it again.
We spent some more time fishing together and not long after he had to take the road,on the way out he showed me a nother good piece of water that i haven't seen before and after a nice chat we went diferent ways.
Nice fishing with you Glenn once again THX.
I took a short ride down river and on my way down to a area where I've spent most of the season fisning for steel I decide to pull over and do a litlle exploring on one part of the river that I've never fished before.
I was already deep into the day,but didn't stop me from going into the unknown.
As I hiked in towards the river and saw this beautiful run that had steelhead written all over it,right away started getting goosebumps as I was possitive this is it,there is got to be one there under those branches that were hanging over the water.
This feeling doesn't lie often, so I waded into the water first cast in there and he hit like a bullit,this fish had anormouse power.Right after the head shakes with no jump took up river so fast riping the water right open,had a feeling for a second that I was hooked on to a spring salmon,not a steelhead.
The fight went on for a long time,this fish was loaded with energy and would not come close to me for about good 7-10 minutes.After numerous runs the fish was on it's side and decided to shake hands with me,tailed the most beautiful steel of the yaer for me,it was a buck in 10-12 pound range but a true chromer that looked like it just came out of the ocean today.
I didn't take any pictures do to the fact that the fish was wild,extremly tired from a big battle and I was alone.
So I decided to quickly and safly relese the beauty with no further stress on the fish.
This was something that we all wish for at the end of a nice day.
The thing that made me happy was the fact how we talked earlier in the day, how there is still fresh fish in the river and that they are most likly to be found in fast water,which I prooved right.
A double award for me and a nice day on the flow.

Good luck once again and see you next sunday.

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Re: Exploring paid of again

Nice work rib'..........Those days are always special!......Thanks for your excellent report, and keep 'em coming. The season is a long way from being over....Ortho 8)
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