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Alright, the thread is to make our mouths water :yummy:

If you had a week to fish Salmon/Halibut in BC, anywhere in BC, where would you go?
Would you go to a lodge? Would you fish from your own boat? Froms shore? Why? Any stories from previous trips?
Make the stories exciting if you have any experience there, and if not, make the idea of it enticing.

We can all use ideas for future fishing trips!!

tight lines

Ill start. Id go to QCI. Ive never been but from what I read, the fishing is INCREDIBLE. Id ideally like to rent a cottage by the water, and either rent a boat or bring my boat with me. I like all inclusive lodges but I much prefer doing everything myself. I like being dirty and not having to see a 'relative stranger' when Im covered in fish blood. Seclusion is good for me when fishing. Plus I can cook my own fish, which is a HUGE deal for me.

I would want the boat in the water at all times so that if I wanted a few crab or prawns for dinner, Id take an hour to drop the traps. Or if the girlfriend wanted to take a scenic boat tour, we can just hope in and go.

Id remove the blinds from my bedroom windows and get up when the sun wants me to. No alarm clock in the cottage. Just sunrise and sunset. Id fish with my 2 bros for springs or whatever is running in the morning, then halibut, ling and rockfish in the afternoon. I would most definately bottom fish for the halibut, lings etc. I think its incredible to feel the strike of a fish instead of seeing the rod twitch. "Oh! Oh! He's playing with it...He's twitching...GOT IT!! FISH ON!! GOT ONE!! DUDE GET THE NET!! HE'S BIG!!" Must be FUN!!
Ideally, Id be there with about 10 friends and family so that they can taste the difference between freshly caught fish, and the market stuff. It probably taste the same, but the feel is different when you're sleeping next to the water that produced these fish.

Id obviously have my camera with me in the boat, because since we've bought our small boat here in Burnaby, Ive realised that when on the water, there is a whole different look and feel to the surroundings. Its one thing to take in nature from the shore line, its something else all together when you're floating between two islands that look like mountains. BC is incredible, especially when you've moved here from NY.

Does anyone know where I can do do this? LOL

Your turn.

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queen charlette lodge, you can hire a guide or take one of their boats on your own. you can stay on their boat that is anchored in the fishing grounds or stay in their lodge,its up to you to choose your vacation.i was there 2 years ago,great times, great fishing. know for my dream vacation. when i retier i would love to buy a boat large enough so that i could make a trip up the coast line to alaska,taking my time fishing and stoping wherever i please with no clocks or deadlines
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