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Hey guys, well Santa's been bugging me for ideas this year for me ( I guess as we guys get older, the list starts to shorten to "Socks and Underwear", which I'll never say 'no' to, but still...)
One of those things on the list of things that I'd like but never seem to buy for myself, is a GOOD knife for the river. I've probably spent the $15 - $20 about 6 times on shite knives that I eventually need to replace (or lose) so I don't know why I never just buckled down and spent the bills on ONE GOOD knife.

So I'm doin' some recon here.
Ideally it would be a folding blade style. I'm too freaking clumsy on those moss covered rocks to trust myself with a sheathed blade on my belt. Also, I'd hope for the handle to be a good quality rubber: Trying to quickly gill bleed a mucus covered salmon with slippery hands on a metal handle has -- in the past -- resulted in more than just the salmon bleeding out. (side note: there's like NO emergency departments in Chilliwack that I could find. Thank god for superglue)

I'm not talking fillet knife here, I have those. I mean a short bladed tough mofo that can deal with the gilling of a 30 pounder..

you guys must have a favourite, Gerber? Smith and Wesson?... Suggestions?
I use the dexter russell, sharpened it in the spring of last year before steel. After the steel of last spring, salmon of last summer/fall, some work on deer roasts, steel this spring, and salmon this summer/fall, it's finally ready for a true sharpening. I have only hit it with the rod in the midst of all of that use, no stone or sharpener.

Still carry a 6" Rapala for fine trim work.
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