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Well i had the day off(my Birthday) and the wife was working from home
So i hit the Ved about 8am
I tired at one area first only three guys fishing the run so lots of room

After a few casts i notice the guy above me has a fish on
so i walk over and tail the fish for him
it was a nice chrome doe about 8-9lbs
He says this is the second one so far from the same area
so i ask if i can start above him(he replies sure lots of room)
well we both try this whole run but nothing
Then he heads down to the next run
A few casts later and down goes my float
I strike and feel tugging on my rod heart starts to spped up then i realise it was a snag and a brach had come off and that was the tugging :-\
Then the guy who left returns with his buddy to fish the run
His buddy had a fish on at the lower run but lost it at the shore
His buddy gets a hit after a few cast but it just took his gohst shrimp
They leave and i work my way down to the next run
There is another guy there just leaving and he informed me that he had one on for a while(pink Worm)
and he had a few hits on Roe Bags
I tried the run with all i had Shrimp, blade, Worm. jen egg,wool
but nothing
I then move up river a bit and no one there(nice)
great run but nothing doing
by now it was getting cold with the rain but thats fishing
i move down to another run and star with a blade
after quite a few casts float goes down,strike, snag
tug tug blade gone
So i switch to a small pink worm
Just as i think ok time to go home my eyes deviate from the float as it gets to the end of the drift
i look back and no float damn i think another snag
i give the line a tug and fish on
I ease off it a bit as i dont want it to head to the rapids
this works and the fish swims up river toward me well i cant see it yet
a few little runs up and down and i get to see its a hatch
well this run doesnt have a good landing spot but i make the best of it and she is in safe hands
bonk photo and i am off home Yeeha :happy:


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Re: Birthday steel

Great story with a better result!.......I love it when you almost give up go home when that fish you have been waiting for is just one more cast away...I lost gear (along with Prof) on the same underwater stump last time out with the flyrod,and just when I thought I had caught it again, I lifted my rod tip and said hello to a nice chrome doe, that did escape, but it just shows you, how much concentration is required.....Look away and you have a fish everytime.......Good work Britguy!.....Ortho 8)

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River turned grey around 1 or 2pm...vis. was down to a couple inches at best..I headed down and it was clear till about 5, then even the canal started to lose some vis. down to around 2 feet or so when I left near dark...Must have been a slide...it turned ugly pretty quick...

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picked one up today aswell 2 for 2 in 2 weekends, sorry for the quality, its off dads camera phone, compare her to the 14.5 i landed. She's just a little bit bigger! ;D

One concern is that there are way to many fish with seal marks, both of mine had them, this one had her belly marked but had fully healed, the one last weekend was a big gash, and this one has 2 on her back, and a few others that have been posted have had them aswell, becoming a joke if u ask me, its pretty rediculous!

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young gun said:
it's there, i looked at the other photos, i guess i picked the only one with a good smile but bad shot of the fish.

I changed the photo, its all there
OTHER PICS!? Dude thats a wild fish snap a quick pic then put it back. Not multiple pics with a "camera phone" which are slower than shyte to take a pic with, let alone more than one pic.

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Young Gun, good job on catching another steelhead. But got to agree with Shane, when you have a wild doe like that which is loaded with eggs. Take a pic if you can then let it go ASAP. Going to be better on the fish as it makes its way to its spawning ground.

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ha ha you guys are so wrong. my cell has a setting on it that take take a bunch of rapid shots takes all of 20seconds i think (never used it) but i can open my phone and snap, done. no waiting for it to loud up and what not. nice fish YG good to see your having steady luck :thumbup:

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Nice B-day gift to yourself Britguy!

Young gun! That's a beauty wild fish too! In spite of what other members have said, I'll put $100 that the fish swam away quite nicely. Same spot?


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Birdman said:
Only a million vehicles on Sunday at Wilson compared to 3 or 4 friday and Saturday. Gee I wonder why ::)
A Billion vehicles today at wilson, compared to a million on sunday. Doesnt any body work anymore? There was more people out today then on the weekend! No fish were hooked into by anyone I talked to.
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