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February 02 - VEDDER

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Fished the vedder today,from dark to dark,(my shoulder is sour)farely quiet and beautiful day.
Started at the Wilson road, little bit above, fished the area all the way to the crossing bridge,little bit of hike little driving and took me all day to try to cover as much area as I could,more becouase I never fished that area so now I know a nother beautiful strech of water.
I didn't hook into a steely,saw one guy take in one in,chrome doe around 9-10 hatchery,released it GOOD fella.
Nother guy that walked by said he caught one wild one,didn't see any other fish and till the end of the day.
It was my third of my last five casts,I was fishing a french blade and at the end of a tailout felt a hit set the hook, fish on ,air born right away and again :eek: few runs one more air time and landed a resident bow around 3 pounds.One of the beautiful fish I've seen,hell of a fight for a small fish,made my day that it couldn't be better,packed my staf and hit the road.
A nother nice new experiance for me and a perfect day on the flow.By the way water is really low for those that want to go tommorow, but fisheble of course.
Good luck everyone! :thumbup:
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Re: VEDDER feb 02

dont forget, rainbows can/are considered stellies :thumbup:
Re: VEDDER feb 02

I beleive a rainbow that reach's a certain size would then be considered a steelhead, and now a steelhead is considered to be in the salmon family
Re: VEDDER feb 02

I am not experianced as you guys are,but not all rainbows go into the saltwater right,some go and come back they are concidered steelhead,the ones that spend their life in the river they are rainbow trout.To be positive, I just checked that picture of the rainbow trout that Ribwart cought and posted a picture, while back in december,he said it was a risident bow,my fish looked exactly the same ???hope I'm right.
Re: VEDDER feb 02

3lb steely is a small fish, i know they get them in the states and call them "half pounders" but up here i dont think we get many
Steelhead are anadromous rainbow. All that means is they go to sea. The reason they grow larger than rainbows in streams and lakes is due to the fact that they eat fish in the salt and it allows them to grow larger, faster.
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