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i hit the home river toady for a couple of hours. Not expecting to catch anything we started at about 11am and just went to do a bit of spot hunting. we found a beautiful pool...nothing. in the run out of the pool there was a small slow bubble patch. i said to my buddy "there has to be a fish there". I took first casts, as my buddy was just getting ready. I had fished through it and i was confident that there was no fish there so i proceeded about 30feet down river. About 5 minutes later i hear the faint sound of "hey" i turn and look and low and behold a fish is splashing. i drop my gear and begin the sprint back up the river bank only to find the line slack. "what happened?" "i dont know its not reeling in" he replied in a panic. i grab the rod and adjust the drag and begin to real like mad only to find the fish is still there. after i hand the rod back the fight was on. it was such a tank we couldnt keep it in our little bubble patch and it took us down stream. we caught up with this monster and started to reel him in. once it was in the shallows i walked out and grabbed him by the tail only to find out that my hand couldnt fit around it, and off it went once again. After several long runs and a few arials he was back in the shallows, this time i knew better. i crept up on it and wrapped both hands around the tail only to find, once again they dont fit and after a few tail shakes and a good cold soaking it was off again, only this time....the 6lbs leader snapped :'(

o well, it was his first fish ever after a year of trying and what a beaut at that! We both got a good look at it in the shallows and thinking back it was probably better that we didnt land it because it had to be released anyway.

after that we both walked back up to the spot and my buddy continued to hook a small juvenile steelhead.

what a great day!

heres a pic of the little guy

and if you know where this is then you will know where we were fishing

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