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feeders leader length

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I am fairly new to the saltwater side of things and havnt done very well yet.
I have been out a few times and have had some really small fish about 12 -15 inches.

I was wondering if leader lengths have anything to do with it. That being said ,what type of leader lengths should I be using for spoons and hootchies

any tips would be greatly appreciated
cheers Oliver
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im not sure about spoons and hoochies, but mooching herring i always kept my leader about 24" from my lead. spoons could be the same maybe up to 36"
I was having trouble as well with leader length. A charter guy gave me the following advise and since then i produce fish every time out. For spoons go with about a 6 ft leader. For hoochies about 3 ft. He also reccommended a stiff leader line. If the hoochie line is too long and limp it won't get the appropriate action off the dodger/flasher which means it will just be getting dragged through the water and have no action. So I've been using a 40lb test stiff leader in those lengths and fish every time...good luck...
Thanks that a great start
I am using 45 pound flouro so there should be no issues with stiffness It gets pretty stiff to tie up with.
How long are the spoons that you are using.
Feeders generally dont care? A 40lb perlon leader works great for hooties tho (pretty stiff commercail line) 2-3ft is good for hooties, 4-6ft (limp line) is good for spoons, 6 ft (ish) leader for fishing bait, for the biggies around sooke well go as far as 10ft on the chovies
I agree with fishaholic the feeders don't really care too much....they are hungry and will "eat" anything...much like my teenagers....I'm using 2 3/8 inch spoons...my favourite is the army truck gypsy made by Gibb....everyone gets their own that work for them...the biggest key i think for feeders is u have to be within 10 ft or so of the bottom...also if they aren't biting within a couple hours you have to move....they follow the herring and feed balls so if there isn't any bait fish there likely isn't any chinook....some people have done a lot of tracking as well and found that they bite better on the new moon....likely this is because when the full moon is out and clear they are more likely to feed at night...so i've been told...i'm tracking the last couple months of fish that i've caught and i'm seeing a similiar pattern. the weekend of Feb 8-11 was very hot...then it died off a bit...so i'm waiting to see what happens in march....
tsweet129 said:
the biggest key i think for feeders is u have to be within 10 ft or so of the bottom...also if they aren't biting within a couple hours you have to move....they follow the herring and feed balls so if there isn't any bait fish there likely isn't any chinook
True too. If you dont see any feed on the sounder fish the bottom(or bounce the lead through the sand,very effective)(needle fish on the bottom wont show and they are consistant), if you do see balls on the screen run the gear through, they will come as shallow as 40-50ft in 300 ft of water as long as the food is there, thats why they are feeders :peace:
I was out at Ambleside today and got three in the boat....Two were just undersize and put them back but one was in the 10lb range. Interesting you mention dragging the balls through the sand. Two of the fish i got today hit while i was raising the balls after they were bouncing. I was actually lifting one up when the other line came off the clip...its a good technique if you know the bottom...can be costly if you don't know the bottom and you start dropping $50 lead balls...Anyway the fishing is still good out there...I had all three fish on before 10 oclock...
Oh yeah its gotta be sand. Sorry I meant sandlace I beleive they are called not the needlefish..... it stirs them up. Ill usually run the release clip 6-8 feet up from the lead so I dont pick up any of the salad
Are these little guys called Sand Lance? Sure wish I could talk my Pa into launching his boat for a day! These reports got me itching!


-Nathan in NW
interesting idea running the clip a bit higher...i put mine right at the pancake weight and haven't had any problem with picking stuff up probably because i'm using a longer clip line and it take the flasher and spoon up quite a few feet...but your right about dragging the weights...if you aren't within 10 ft of the bottom forget about it....can't wait to get out again...looks like the weather is crap for a bit but the new moon is coming so giddy up...
Hey all that replied thank you very much .
I will be out there on sat am to fish with my dad we will be in the 17 ft apower bolt trying out some of the tips you all gave
hope to see you out .Cheers
will post if we get something
Kind regards
Once again thanks for all the help.
We had some issues in the morning due to a flat tire so i wasnt able to get out as early as we wanted.
Had a beautiful day out there but unfortunatly we pulled a blank. Not to worried though because we didnt see anyone else get fish either.

Will have to try again maybe mid week
Cheers til then
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