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Fenwick HMG

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Does anyone know about custom fenwick. I received a custom built fenwick hmg gsh1262. Rod is 10 1/2'. Have reason to believe it was built a fair few years ago. Was wondering what kind of action to expect and what reel might be a good partner for it. Thanks for any help :)
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Not sure about your particular rod, but I have a smaller Fenwick rod and it is beautiful. Very sensitive and strong at the same time. If your Fenwick is not a Fly rod, I'd recommend an Abu Garcia C6500 reel - it's relatively cheap and it'll last forever.
Hey Sam... That 1262 is a true gem :thumbup: ... It is a slow action rod and is GREAT for a pin or bait caster... I fish with a sage 2106lb most of the time I am out... The only reason I fish with this rod is because I can not find a 1262 HMG anywhere and I have been looking for a long time... If you ever decide to let that one go,I would be happy to take that rod off your hands... In my opinion that is a classic westcoast steelhead rod for the Island and lower mainland... The 2106lb from sage was designed under the same parameter as the HMG 1262 but the 2106lb is lacking that Fenwick feel of old school action... Fish that 1262. You will not be disappointed...

:cheers: sage
Thanks for the info sage. :) Looks like I'll be treating myself to a centre pin. :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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