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I'm a NEWBIE here... & just wanted to get things started with the intro thing...

I'm looking forward to navigating around this site, reading what everyone is sharing & I hopefully pick up some knowledge & tips & make a few friends along the way.

A little about you?:
Name: Elizabeth Zink
Age: 39
Residence: COQUITLAM
(fyi: COQUITLAM = First Nations word: meaning "place of stinky fish")

Marital Status: SINGLE - currently dating my GUIDE - "master, oh fishing master"

So, am i wrong or could it be a sign the relationship is progressing a certain direction when he's no longer baiting my hook for me...??? All I have to say is that last time out, that GOOEY PINK STUFF (roe) in that salt stuff... just did a major number on my french manicure... (oh & and it was really STINKY)

Occupation: REAL ESTATE AGENT www.EZresults.ca

Fishing Experience: pretty much getting reintroduced to the SPORT/way of life - since last September...on the drift rod... ALTHOUGH I've always have had the bug ....as growing up, my wonderful Dad was keen on the salt-water fishing trips with his boat /+guided excursions ...although my mother & 3 SISTERs & i weren't as keen as my little brother for those 5am starts - BUT we sure all LOVED to fish) Great memories of BIG fish & lots of 'em - on trips to Cambell River, Port Alberni, Savoury Island, Earles Cove...

Your Favorite(s)
Favorite Salmon species: CHINOOK
Favorite Trout species: RAINBOW
Favorite Other?: well... i ♥ HALIBUT (but... i've never caught one... yet)
Favorite fish to fish for: so far... SPRINGs
Favorite river: VEDDER
Favorite Lake: GARIBLADI - scenic & where absolute PANIC struck when i pulled a trout in there at the age of 15. I let out a SHRILL that almost dropped the whole glacier into the lake.

Favorite Method: Right now, I'm into drift fishing.... but I've been tying flys & cant' wait to get out on the fly.

Hobbies: I ♥ COOKING & Entertaining; singing SOUL GOSPEL O0 ; playing tennis, skiing & hiking, doing church & getting out there & enjoying this beautiful backyard called :British Columbia.

HOLA & happy fishing.... tomorrow I'm fishing the Fraser for the first time. (inadvertenly caught some Sockeye on the Vedder last week trying for Springs) BUT looking forward to hopefully catch my first KEEPER. wish me luck.


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Well as long as it's your first cast on the pond,and yer not trolling with treble barbed hooks..............Welcome to BCFR .........the pond holds a mixed bag of fish from suckers to hungry trout, some more knowledgeable than others. Without a doubt, there is much information and expertise here.......Have fun.......Ortho 8)

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welcome elizabeth. to maybe answer ur relationship query, my wifes dad always told her " if u want to fish, then u bait, catch it, gut it and cook it unless its on the bbq cause we all know that the q is the guy thing.
enjoy the site and good luck fishing. hope to see u on the flow :thumbup: rob

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welcome to the group elizabeth. you are dating your guide? isn't there some sort of moral guideline that prevents guides from dating their customers? oh wait, thats for doctors and lawyers...and probably a benefit of being a guide - or ski instructor, or tennis coach, rockstar...what have you....

good luck on the drift...hot pink is their favourite colour.

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AWE thanks YA'LL!

Without a doubt, there is much information and expertise here.
Ortho, there certainly is! Even after a few short weeks, i have to say, i've learned a fair amount & have enjoyed the passion in which everyone shares their knowledge. It just makes me that much more excited about getting out there.

hot pink is their favourite colour.
Thanks for the tip. You know, I have invested in much matching HOT PINK GEAR (from Victoria Secret)...& ensure to wear it out there... I'm just not exactly sure how the fish see it through my waders? :-*

" if u want to fish, then u bait, catch it, gut it and cook it unless its on the bbq cause we all know that the q is the guy thing.

OKAY - Ummmm... just a few visuals of what i've been whipping up on the BBQ (for my BF) this summer...

I hadn't done steak in a while... kinda thought these grill marks were worthy of a snap.
Clearly, I need to invest in a new grill - but the steak wasn't soooooooo bad.

minted MOJITOs, Grilled Sockeye, Linguine with fresh HOME-MADE Basil PESTO & Grilled field tomato.

BBQ Ribeye, Rosemary & Sage Grilled Polenta, Matt Dunnigan inspired bacon-wrapped GRILLED corn
(it was the BOMB - but then again, wrap ANYTHING in bacon & it's amazing) + GRILLED asparagus.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Portobella mushrooms, asparagus... roasted potatoes...etc.. etc...

Anyways... now after this little test, i know how to upload pictures & QUOTE peeps on here...
LOOKING FORWARD to posting ones of me with BIG FISH next. HOPEFULLY SOON.

Good luck ya'll & thanks again for the welcome.
SMILES Elizabeth

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Elizabeth, get a plane over here to Ireland.with kind of cooking you would have half of Irelands fishermen lining up to sample your dishes.

i have just posted the photos of your dishes to a coouple of my mates and one rang back to ask if he could place an order
All the best another new member
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