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First fish on Center Pin

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What a blast....I bought the set up a couple of weeks ago and tried it out on the Vedder without success....spent most of the time working on my technique....Got out today for a couple of hours on one of the local streams with my son....hooked into a number of Chum and that was a lot of fun....I have to learn to get my knuckles out of the way when the fish takes off though..Christened the reel with my own blood...nothing to keep today, so we spent the last little while at the river picking up garbage and packing it out to the car....trying to teach some ethics to my little guy.
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is your local flow the seymour? if it is, awesome and if it isn't, is there any chum in there yet?

Good job! It's addictive fishing with the pin, eh?
Very addictive :thumbup:. Still working on the technique a bit....had it set up for a right handed cast, left hand retrieve...but finding it a bit awkward to cast from right to left when the stream is flowing from that side :confused:

local water was the Allouette...
After some time you will be casting all ways, you'ld be suprised the casts you can make on a pin! I still remember my first on the pin, steelhead last season! Shook off after a few minutes but was unforgettable! When it comes down to the fingers and knuckles...get used to it. You will bash them quite a few more times. You should learn the one handers! My favaorite cast, but watch out for your fingers.
It's an addiction that's for sure. Next thing you know you be buying another pin, then another and another. You can never have enough
I have always said that you can never have too many rods.....the one handers that Steelie Trav is talking about....I think I am doing that now (rod in one hand, held just above the reel, and using either the ring or little finger to control the spin on the reel), but let me know if that doesn't sound right.
The traditional one handers (or so I have been told and are the ones I am trying to perfect) are the ones were you are holding the rod in the butt section controlling the pins spin with your index finger. I quite like it and find myself casting that way more often than not lately.
I am going to have to give that one a try the next time I am out.....hmmmm should l take a off of work to go fishing....OK.
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