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First fishing day since relocation

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This the same as my post on the flyfishbc forum.

Well now that I have re-located to Boundary country and live in a super neighbourhood I was starting to think about taking a day off from this retirement crap and actually going fishing.....heh heh.....well this morning my neighbour from across the road wanders over and says "come see what I do here"......well .........the guy is an amazing carpenter and he builds all kinds of stuff, he gets super deals on wood and has offered to help me get wood and build pretty much anything I may need for the new house.....ok where the hell are the fish in this story?

Well later this afternoon he pops over on his way to work (his home shop is a full/part time business) and says "Do you fish?" well I says "Absolutely"...he says"Good...I've been trying to get a new fishing partner for the past three years....be up at 6 on Thursday morning and I'll take you to 4x4 lake"....well you just got to figure this will be an adventure......we are going with a heavy troll rod, a light spin rod and of course some fly rods.....I'll take the camera and hope fully post some pics when I return.

The Kettle and Granby Rivers are still badly blown but starting to settle...soon!!!!

This is hopefully the start of many great stories from the Boundary country.


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Good luck! "4x4" lake sounds like fun. :)
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