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First steelhead thread

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Seems like we have a lot of first steelhead fishers thid year. Why don't you guys who have caught your first here, tell us where and what you used for the first big thrill of the season? My first steelhead was a long time ago in the Allouette River in the 50's.....Ortho 8)
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fishortho said:
Seems like we have a lot of first steelhead fishers thid year. Why don't you guys who have caught your first here, tell us where and what you used for the first big thrill of the season? My first steelhead was a long time ago in the Allouette River in the 50's.....Ortho 8)

I guess back in the olden days there were alot more fish for you! :beerchug:

My first was a wild 20 lb buck on the Vedder. I was fortunate enough to only have waited three months before my first steel. Still to this day is one of the most memorable ones.

Three months!!! Too bad man ;D

At about 12 I had read all the books.... thought that these things sound fun. Thank god for a mid Jan B-day cause I thats when I got my first pair of waders. My dad had an extra rod from his days on the flows (replaced by salt) if any one remembers the old DAM quicks... now there is a coffee grinder!
He had talked to some buds that were still in the loop and I had finally convinced him to take me to give these things a try. We left early as the spot we were going to hit was about 2.5 hours away, the whole way up....son dont get discouraged, it took me 3 years to shake hands with my first and a lot of time. I was just exited to finally give it a try.
Down the loggin roads we head, pull down into a hole in the trees and head another couple miles pinstriping the truck the whole way down. There it was..... emerald green, the perfect pool, still holds a place in my heart.
Freezing cold I set my stuff up like a rocket, the old man was way behind so watched my first cast, givin some pointers. Well had about 6 feet between the float and lead in bout 3 feet of water, the float looked like it was havin a seisure bouncin over the baseball sized rocks close to foot..... dont walk right in he says, cast there first. Bout 20 feet my float bounced then......GONE. Gave it a pull.... it pulled back, couple minutes later after my first cast ever steelheading had about a 7lb doe that I shook hands with and let her go, remember telling the old man whata ya talkin bout..... this is easy ;D, guess it was meant to be, whata way to fuel an addiction.
That was many moons ago and still going strong, funny how most every fish feels a little like the first.

Mind you the old man (after the great start) i got out scored 3-1, did loose a couple more though
Ill never forget that day :cheers:
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First time steel fishing
steel on (hatch)
note on lience
oh well early home for me :thumbup:
bait---Shrimp(found on a pathway) bit of wool and sent
When I was a kid I would go to my grandparents in Sumas Prairie. My grandfather would take me to the Vedder and we would fish with worms off the bottom in the canal. I caught a few steelhead that way in those days but dont remember my first one.
i was 12 spring break with my brother... the previous day an old fella named ian(he lives in the red roofed house opposite peach road) had set me up with one of his balsa floats, some split shot and a short leader and told me to fish that depth.. in the run i was fishing... he asked me how big i wanted my first to be.. i ofcourse said 20lbs :thumbup: he laughed and said lets start you off with around a 8lber... and no word of a lie next day out with my older brother i nailed a 8lb wild doe on tilamook procured spring roe :happy: then my brother someone used the euphoria i was experiencing against me to con me out of my spot so he could land a 23lb wild buck haha but i never got to thank old ian as i never saw him since and this was 6 years ago. so thank you to ian from the red roofed house for hooking me up with my first steelhead AND knowing the exact weight... i still have your float and refuse to fish it now and it will always be with me as will the memory of a kind old fisher helping a newbie out..
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First steelhead is still biggest steelie i'd say 18 -20 lb's wild Buck in the little Q. Thats 15yrs ago now the #'S ARN'T there anymore. Anyways caught it on a green and yellow gooey bob beleave or not . I got him with my Gramps he taught me everything i now god bless him...
My first was way back in 1966 on the Squamish River. After a year of futility and striking nothing but rocks and stumps, I can still remember those first head shakes like it was yesterday. The realisation that I actually had a fish on caused my heart to literally explode in my chest. It was the first and most memorable of a lifetime of steelhead. The first one is always the best, even if it was only 7 lbs. and pales in comparison to many others in the mid to high teens and low 20's, but that little doe was the fuel for a lifelong obsession.
A rosey cheeked wild buck in the mid teens, and it was a mid March morning. Just below Allison Pool, and the hot ticket was a 6' bubble gum pink worm, will never forget it.

Finder :cheers:
My first was a 17lb 7oz hatchery buck, caught on boxind day a few years back. Didn't have a derby ticket, and would've won it by 4lbs. Regardless, it was an awesome first steelhead.
I was out looking for some late Coho.
Some kid and his dad were harassing some Chum and the kid mentioned that he seen a shiny looking fish at the tail out as they must have hooked it to see the flash.
I ventured towards the tailout and on the first cast the float dove under and the rest is history.
Kid"wow,nice Coho mister"
Me"No son ,thats a Steelhead"

I bet his dad is still giving him what for over that one. ;D

I went home with my fish,found out you were allowed 2 fish out of that system and went back to the river and caught another just like it in the run below the first one.

No this wasnt a dream. ;D
15-16 pound buck on the Thompson when I was a young buck on the good old Tee spoon.
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