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When I used to live in Alberta, I used to flyfish the spring creeks, freestone rivers, and tail-waters of central Alberta. Once in awhile, I'd see these warning signs by the access points, mentioning the trout limit and quotas. Below that, it had a warning of only consuming no more that 2 fish per week because of mercury levels in the fish. (Hey, that would be a good tactic to scare off poachers, eh? haha!) :thumbup:

Anyways, down in Calgary, in the Bow River, a blue-ribbon fishery for monster leader-bustin' trout, a city river, especially the run from the city, then downstream, is a world class fishery. The reason why the fish are so large is that the sewage run-off from the city, flows downstream from the city. So that helps the ecosytem stay healthy with the growth of plants and weeds, which in turn cater to the insects, which in turn feed the fat trout. Cool! Hey, well at least the city has it together, the sewage is in fact treated, so it goes back into the land, in a healthy way. But ask a Bow River fisheman if they'd kill a rainbow and take it home for supper. They almost alwasy say a big, "NO!" Conservation reasons, maybe part of it. Being that the trout population of the Bow, below the city, is several thousands per mile, the run is healthy. So conservation is not all of it. I heard many guys say on the Bow that they would never eat a trout from there. But why? The sewage run-off is treated. Fish, especially trout, only can survive in clean condtions, right? So the fish must be ok to eat. :hmmm: Ahh, the mind is a powerful thing...mind over matter they say. How about the Fraser River?

There are many cities that inhabit the Fraser. Obviously it's not the cleanest river. We all know that. But I don't think it's that bad,,,or is it? Obviously the tributaries, such as the Vedder, Harrison, Pitt, Thompson, Horsefly, Adams, Nechako, are cleaner than the main stem of the Fraser. But the migratory fish that inhabit the cleaner systems also have to run the Fraser as well, both as smolts, and returning spawners. hmmmm. :hmmm:

I've heard guys say that they won't eat a Fraser salmon, but they'll eat a Vedder Salmon. Is there a difference? Mind over matter? I don't know.

I've heard guys says here that they don't like the Vedder coho for their taste and that it has an unusual taste compared to other systems, but prefer the red springs for taste.

I know I tend to keep a salmon from the salt chuck, especially up north, more often than from freshwater. Is it because of the looks and tastes? Is it for conservation measures, or because of fear of pollution? I don't know, maybe a little of both. But hey, the oceans are becoming polluted too. Victoria Harbour is one of the dirtiest waters in the world...pumping out RAW sewage, not treated, into the Pacific. Mind over matter? Why do you think the crabbing there is so good, it's raw sewage baby, raw! Keep in mind, I read about the raw sewage a few years ago. Hopefully they fixed it, but probably not.

Again, as I said in my last post, on parasites, I think if we worry ourselves silly over everything, it's not worth it. But it is something to ponder??? Perhaps. :cheers:

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you know you comment about the bow river and the sewage that goes into it make the fish bigger reminds me of a couple of lakes i fish in the states for bass they are both on farm lands and it seems they have the biggest bass in there compared to other lakes i fish
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