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Hello, I am interested in finding someone who would like some company fishing the vedder or any of the other rivers in the area during the weekdays.

I am a relatively quiet person who likes to fish away from the crowds. I would rather hike a mile and hook few fish than be elbow to elbow with the weekend warriors. I typically like to drift fish(with or without a float depending on the river) different runs in a river instead of bar fish, although I am flexible and open to suggestion as to methods, gear, etc. I release most fish and only keep what I think I will eat during the year.

I live south of the border in Whatcom county about an hour's drive from the vedder. If age is a factor to anyone, I'm 61. Age doesn't matter as much to me as compatibility and desire to enjoy the day with one who shares the same fishing philosophy.

If anyone is inerested in hooking up for a day of fishing, please email me and we can take it from there.

regards, moro
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