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Hello all,

I've just been looking at several fishing charters just online but they all seem to be quite expensive...in the 500$ range (from Vancouver), is this pretty much the standard rate? We have two people and there isn't anything significantly cheaper than $500 is there? I'd like to fish for salmon and have no experience doing so.

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When you thinking of going? fishing has been pretty slow
Hm...just sometime between now and the end of August I suppose, haven't really had a date set aside! I was just interested but the prices kind of scared me off!
When you consider gas or diesel, rods and gear, bait, time prior to charter, insurance, certification, time after, your 500 works out to about 100 per hr. That is about average for the Vancouver area. You might be able to pick up a 8 hr excursion for 650 to 800. After, fuel, costs of doing business (moorage to tackle ) 500 is hard to even break even. Your really paying for the experience and the skill of local guides. Start picking up your own equipment to do what these guys and you will find out why it is 500 or more depending on charter lengths.
Tight lines
At Ucluelet I noticed the board with current rates at Island West. 1 or 2 per boat was 925 for a 7 hr trip. For 3 was, I think, 1,025! Of course a lot of the times they are running down to Big Bank, 25 miles, lots of gas. It isnt cheap if you dont have your own boat. But then owning a boat is spendy also. Do you know what BOAT stands for.... "Bring Out Another Thousand!"
Being a boat owner I have to say that $500 for two people for a day of fishing is pretty reasonable, I figured out the cost of going out sturgeon fishing for a day on my boat with three friends to be $140 out of my pocket, that was just fuel, lost gear and bait, that does not include the cost of the boat($50,000),rods and reels(in my case $2000 for four set ups),up keep on the boat, fuel to and from boat launch, guiding licenses, advertising costs, liability insurance, boat insurance, launch fees and the myriad of other costs that I can't even think of that must go into guiding.
As an owner of a small business myself I know how these small incidental operating costs can snowball and I can tell you that if my small shop does not bring in between eight hundred and a thousand dollars a day I'm loosing money, and that is just me in my shop and does not include the cost of employees. I don't know how these guys even do it and still make a decent living, you have to remember also that they can't work all year and as business owners are not eligible for UI in the off season, so my hats off to the guides out there.
I usually go out once or twice a year on some kind of guided fishing trip and I can tell you that in one day on the river with a guide I learned more about fishing for sturgeon than I had by myself in three years of fishing(thanks' Vic) so even though it seems like a fair chunk of money to put out the wealth of info you will gain will far outway the cost.
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