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Fishing Contest Update (prizes)

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As of October 20th we have:

A really nice lightweight rod & reel from ....Roscoe pco
A beautiful knife set from HunterJ
An Abu 7000 fully loaded with 20lb. mono from Abbyfireguy
Two tickets to November 15th Giants game from Coho Killer
Gift Certificate from Milestones (50.00)........Ortho
A fantastic flybox and coho flies from Bead Head
Some shirts and caps from various outfitters. Ortho

Thank You to all who have donated to date....Now get those cameras clicking and those stories coming.Ortho 8)
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Not actually from me but a local distributor donated it for the cause, made by Quantum.
Ortho you have a PM ...I have a prize to donate..
Thanks, Abby'.....I will keep updating the list as we go..............Ortho
Abbyfireguy just dropped off a beautiful Abu 7000 pre loaded with 20lb. test.WowW What a sweet reel!.......Now that we have a contest, and we do have some cool prizes.....We need you to take those pics and stories and submit them !!........Stories can be about anything "fishy on the west coast and the photos don't have to be of fish...they can be scenics of areas you have fished...........Get 'em going boys and girls!!
ortho i also have an awesome prize to donate! you have mail! :D
coho_killer said:
ortho i also have an awesome prize to donate! you have mail! :D
Is it a cake? :lol:

Mike <")))))><
Thanks, to HunterJ for the nifty knife set as well as Coho Killer for the 2 tickets to a Giants game on November 15th.................I think we are good, now. Ortho 8)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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