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Hey guys...

I'm absolutely new to fishing for socks in the chuck..

I have lots of experience "flossing" them in the river, however I'm heading out with my uncle tomorrow to fish for them somewhere at the mouth of the Fraser...

He's from Manitoba and this is his first year fishing out in the chuck (he just moved out here) ... He's been fishing with a pink hoochie at about 50-80 ft. He's had moderated success (2 fish for trip on average) However, he's been using no kind of dummy flashers.... He's had some success but I wonder if he'd do better????

Like I've said this is my first time fishing in the ocean.... I've read countless reports about using flashers but I have no idea how to use them..... What do you use... Are dummy flashers similar to what you use in lakes... ie... gang trolls, ford fenders, willow leafs... And if so, how do you set them out????

Please excuse my ignorance...

Any advice would be awesome..
Any help would be awesome... thanks in advance

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just use really heavy line,i use 60pd test. i rig mine with about 3-4 feat of line off a clip thing(not sure what there called) and i clip them straight to the downrigger cable...... The more the better! i use large hotshots as flashers and on my line i normally use green, not sure why, just seems to work better.

Hope that helps
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