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Fishing in Cariboo

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Hi Folks. I have been out of the loop and am thinking of come up that way to drop my Fly line in a lake but have no idea were i might go that is fishing reasonably well. Are the lakes all into the summer duldrums or can someone recommend some place. :? Thanks for any suggestions.
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if your looking for the best its crystal lake, nice rainbows in there but no boat rentals. if your looking for a lake with accom. and boat lac de roche stays steady through the summer and has 4 resorts on it.
Cariboo fishing

Thanks for the info dundee o4. Ended up going to Oregan. Will wait till fall to see cariboo. mike
M_K. -A few fatties have been coming out of lots of the lakes up here this year. Sheridan was ON FIRE (not for me but I heard many a jerk off tell me about there WHALE outta there!!!) in June and I am pretty confidant that some of the 'poundr' lakes in the Egan/Bonapart/Pressey triangle have given up some VERY respectable fish for those lake types(Sharpe excluded as it gives 5 plus's every year). Some of the lakes up Blowdown have been excellent in the new/mid fall and as always my fav bow lake is Club. Cheers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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