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Chinook salmon fishing in the early season was productive starting in March and April . It slowed a little during parts of May,but early June started getting better and by late June fishing for both salmon and halibut was good. By late June Coho also started to get good as normal.Coho fishing was very good in Barkley Sound during most of July and then moved offshore during August. Barkley Sound also had some good days in during August,however, most of the action for Coho was offshore.

Big Bank had glimpse of brilliance starting later July and August. Some days Coho numbers were such that you just couldn’t get you’re your line down to Chinook or Halibut. Halibut fishing across all areas was stronger than last year and we had pretty consistent halibut fishing all summer even though we had to move around a bit. Spots changed every so often, but when one spot dried up, another spot would soon become hot. We started fishing Long Beach early for all species and then later moved to Big Bank.
Fishing was consistent on most days in quite a few areas for the feeder Chinook.
Large Chinook fishing during July and August was different than most years. The larger Chinook seemed to move quickly through areas and would often be indifferent spots from day to day. Reports from rivers south of us were good, sothe numbers were going through, however the fish weren’t sticking in one spot very long. Pilchards didn’t school up off shore which was likely a big reason for fish traveling by so quickly. Because we didn’t have much larger bait around, fishing most consisted of flasher and spoon and flasher and hutchie.

Between Chinook, Coho and Halibut we were able to send our guests home with good amounts of vacuum packed fish, so we had a good year. Ucluelet stands out of a crowd because of the amounts of returning Chinook that go through the different banks and also the amounts of salmon and halibut that can be caught from day to day. For all new people that haven’t experienced it, I believe that when you come out on one of our boats, you will experience something special!

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