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I've been up in the Port McNeil area for the last week fishing and cruising and thought I would send in a report. Overall, fishing has been spotty. Most of the salmon fishing out of PM seems to be on the back side of Malcolm Island and the standard rig is downriggers at 50-100 ft with flashers and anchovies. Walking the docks at PM several nights over a week period yielded varying success. One day I couldn't find ANYONE who had caught a fish. The other two days, several boats (small private guys) came in with 4-6 fish per boat. Most of them are springs in the 25-30# range but one was an early chum and one was a huge (23#) coho. The local knowledge says coho should be in in about a week or two. I've seen a few jumping.

In several days of fishing by myself, I have caught lots of rock cod, one decent ling and one chicken halibut but no salmon!

I'm going down to Campbell River at the end of the week and hopefully fishing will be better there.
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