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Fishing Report October 21, 2013

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Fishing has slowed down for the season and the weather made it tough to get out most of the days in late September and early October. The weather recently has been beautiful though Salmon Eye Charters have pulled all their boats for the season and will start fishing again in March. For anglers with their own boats fishing off Big Bank could still be an option as there should be feeder Chinooks out there. The weather has been great and should continue for another week so fishing is still an option. We had good numbers of Coho through Barkley Sound as was expected during September. If you are buy tackle for next season, Silver Horde has many different new colors in their three inch spoon which see to work very well for Coho and Chinook inside Barkley Sound. The 3 inch spoons worked well behind a 5-6 foot leader and flasher.

September fishing was very good for Coho in Barkley Sound until mid month and then it was important to run out to Big Bank if you were looking for salmon. In early September the Coho were about the same size as the Chinook and since the limit was 4 per person, it made it easy to go only 10 mins out of the harbor and fish Coho in protected water. The Coho were mostly in the 7-12 lb range and were at 20-50 feet mostly on 3 inch and 3.5 inch green/silver Silver Horde and Coyote Spoons.

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