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September weather has been great makingfishing that much more enjoyable. Coho fishing in Barkley Sound hasbeen very good for the returning Coho to local rivers. Coho arerunning from 5 to 12 lbs and have been providing some nice scraps.They are biting on 3-3.5 inch Silver horde and Coyote spoons from20-70 ft down. Watch the bait balls on the sounder and you willlikely get them around the bait. Chrow and Alley Rock have been goodand are nice and close to the harbour.

Off-shore fishing has been good on BigBank for Coho, smaller feeding Chinook and Halibut. They weather hasbeen very nice, but since Coho fishing has been so good, many opt forthe closer option. You are allowed 4 Coho per person in Barkley Soundand right now that seems to be a good option.

Now is the time to book for 2014. Staytuned for our fishing forecast. It should be a good year coming upfor returning Chinook salmon and we are excited!

Allthe best,

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