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We are seeing spurts of larger Chinook come through which is a good sign of things to come for the rest of the summer! There are also lots of feeder Chinook around and the Coho are showing up in good numbers now. South Bank produced for quite a while, however, there seem to be a good number of fish on Big Bank as well and many people are heading out there more regularly. Halibut are showing up on Big Bank as well and you can get them either trolling or bottom bouncing. Get excited for a good summer on the water!

If you are just a regular boater, you don’t have to run too far as there are coho in Barkley Sound and you will always get the odd Chinook as well. We are using glow coyote spoons as well as needlefish and glow hutchies. We also just started using Tomic Plugs on Big Bank as there are lots of small Chinook and Coho there and this is helping discriminate against smaller fish. For our latest fishing reports check out http://www.salmoneye.net/category/fishing-reports/.

If you haven’t ever come to Ucluelet you should come check out the great fishing this area has to offer. Ucluelet continually stands as one of the best places on the coast for salmon and halibut fishing and more and more people are discovering it as an easy place to come to that has fishing that is very consistent and is easy to get to.

Sam Vandervalk
Fishing Charters Ucluelet

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