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Fishing reports from 2007 from Minnie or Stoney Lake on Douglas Lake Ranch

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I used to splurge and fish a day or two every year on the Douglas Lake Ranch with Minnie Lake being my favorite. After it noticeably declined I stopped fishing it 5-6 years ago. :wallbash: Have received email newsletters from the ranch and some mixed reports elsewhere that things are now much improved. Water level has been raised on Minnie and improved management of the lake is now showing glimpses of the former glory, allegedly. :confused: I have reluctantly booked a trip to see for myself.

Would appreciate any candid reports from Minnie Lake or even Stoney Lake on Douglas Lake Ranch over the last year or so. Plan to be there an end of May. Historically when we've been there in the past around same time there has been killer hatches of bomber chirinomids.

Thanks for any reports.
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a buddy of mine and a couple relatives of his hit Stoney lake for an annual trip they say it fishes great with big fish :thumbup: hope you have the same luck.
we have almost the exact same experience and feelings about this as you. Fished the ranch a lot in the mid to late 80's when it was unknown and awesome, then off and on throughout the 90's on newly added lakes (Pikes, the Sabins, Harry's Dam, Crater & the ponds by Crater, etc) with great success and back to the big lakes in the late 90's -- in the early 2000's fishing went down hill dramatically so we quit going there. We also are booked late May and are inquiring about an honest assessment of what to expect. Some reports are quite negative while others sound encouraging. We will probably go, but without more positive, confirming info, we may cancel. Its a lot of money for only a 50/50 shot at catching fish. Any further info you obtain would be helpful. The chironomid, callibeatis and damsel hatches on Minnie were excellent. Are the fish back? We don't know!
A buddy and I were there at Stoney lake opening day last year.We hooked into alot of fish once we found the proper depth, area and pattern to use, that said, 9 out of every 10 fish we caught had so many parasites you didnt even want to touch them! One of the workers at the ranch said it was due to the ranch raising the level of the lake and all the cow and horse sh!t creating this problem.Some fish looked like there were loosing body parts due to this, one fishs' gill plate looked to be completely eaten away from parasites. I have fished a few other lakes up there, Harrys dam, Salmon lake,etc and those fish seemed to be fine, just Stoney seemed to have the problem. Watched an episode of SPBC the other day and Chan and Mark caught a few with parasites but maybe they just didnt show the other 9 outta 10, could also maybe due to the fact he was there just less then a month after i and maybe the fish were able to shed them some way :confused:
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