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fishing springs in the spring

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hey fellow anglers, iam curious to know about the changes in behavior/feeding patterns etc that the springs may go through in the warmer months compared to winter, this is my first year fishing locally and am still learning the ropes. can we run the same bait/ presentation in the spring and summer as we do in the winter?. any info would be greatly appreciated, ie, bait, leader length, troll speed, tides ,any info? ;) cheers and TL
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It's actually easier now than later in the year, what you're targeting for the next month are feeding fish.

Lures will work as well as bait but that will change shortly leaders still the same.
Hey Labignan. Totally good question.....I too would be quite keen to hear what some others have to say about tackle tips.

I am led to belive that targeting fish gets easier as returning schools of fish start stacking up in our waters enroute to their local river systems . Can someone please shed some light on the finer technical aspects required in terms of optimal tackle conditions to entice these slabs into biting.

Also, as for your reply dogbreath: haven't the fish that we have been catching over the winter/early spring been feeding, thus their name feeder springs!!!


For local Van waters and Gulf Islands
In the spring and Always I will have everything with me, my bait (herring and chovies ), spoons and my favorite hootchies. I will mix them up until 2 takes on the same set up, then change every thing over. Example: a grey ghost flashtail a spring favorite, small chovies or herring, Various 4" to 2" spoons like a Tom Mack
or Coyote Chartruese Green and silver Cop Cars, Oil Slick etc, Blood and Bones hootchie, Green and White hootchie always a favorite. Remember your tring to match size of the local bait. Find bait on the sounder and try to fish near the lower part of the school. With these set ups various leader lengths 24 to 60 inches with 36 to 54 a favorite and flashers. Speed up enough to rotate the flasher and then some depending on tide charge. Quicker is better than to slow. Change up things till you hit something.Fish the changes of tides for sure, both sides. Fish with the fleet so to speak, where the most boats are thats generally a sign fish have been taken recently.
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