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Bent Rod said:
River is dropping huge, be wary of recently surfacing shallow bars, especially just out from island 22 and the channel below grassy, also vedder mouth area is thinning out quickly.

Clarity is improving and Harrison Chinook are just starting to arrive so make sure to use strong leader, 40 pound minimum, were using 60.

Alot of folks barfishing now and few bouncers, nice to see selective fishing taking place.

Good luck.

I will mention that now is prime time for Thompson steelhead migration so please do not assume that any large fish is a Chinook and identify them in the water and gently release those steelies in knee deep water without the net.
Awesome response thank you it is much appreciated. I am a bar fishing adict - can't wait to get one of those Harrison Springs and we will most certainly verify no Steelhead are taken. Looking forward with much anticipation to the weekend.

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