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Was out Wed....worked the 3rd marker (falls) west side of Bowen for a while along with a couple others. Not a sniff of a fish. Came back into the harbour in the early afternoon and worked the usual areas and got totally skunked except for the crab pots....

Thursday started out with two undersized within 10 min of the lines going in at 645 off Ambleside. Figured it was going to be a great day. But that was it for me...One other fella out there had 3 on before 9am and then nothing...2 of his were undersize but he got one keeper....I also tried the QB for an hour or so....

Gonna try again Friday but then I'm done for a week or so....I have to catch up around the house....

I saw a few boats out around the bell buoy off Pt. Grey...if one of them happens to log in here perhaps they can report in
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